To register for the Global Opportunities‘s Go Equipped! course, simply fill out the form below and wait (two to three days) an e-mail with instructions to payment and other details.

The course will be held at the headquarters of WYCLIFFE BRAZIL in Brasilia between October, 30 2015 and november, 2 2015.

The registration fee is R$ 480.00 per person, which includes course materials , accommodation in collective accommodation in the same course location and meals and snacks during the course ( except for Sunday dinner).

The registration must be paid by bank deposit ( The account will be informed by e- mail) that can be done as follows:

Registration until 08.20.2015 – 3x of R$ 160.00
Registration until 20.09.2015 – 2x of R$ 240.00
Registration until 20.10.2015 – 1x of R$ 480.00

There are only 40 vacancies and enrollment will end on 20.10.2015.

Application form

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